This is Bob the robo man

Bob has the power to stand still without movement!
Bob the robot has super evil heat sinking laser beams that come out from his eyes. He also is able to raid an entire city and leave the entire place in ruins. He is our mascot! So everyone fear the power of bob the evil maniacal robot Mu-wa-hahahahahahaaaaaa!

This is the legendary sword and shield in the moonlight. It has the power to destroy all evil and things that are mean and cruel and ruthless and diabolic and horrible and harmful to any being on the planet Mars.

This is our logo of pure evil that will take over your mind when you gaze into it so beware and be scared!

This is the magical table that floats in the sky and will never ever not in a million years ever come down. The table has a vial of 100% water in it which when drank turns the consumer into an elf.

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